Version HD-100 A128!!!


Hi everybody, the new version of KYNG Software is available in the downloads section it's version A128.
  • Added:(Atlas HD-100) Emulator for Bein Sports channels (5°W 11054 V).

PS: We have a lot of problems with our free servers. And we are really sorry about it. It is a very serious situation and we are working hard to get them fully working in the next coming days. We are really sorry about it.


Salut tout le monde, la nouvelle version du KYNG Software est disponible dans les téléchargements. C'est la version A128.
Flag_Spa Hola a todo el mundo, la nueva versión del software KYNG está disponible en la sección de descargas. Es la A128.


Olá a todos, a nova versão do software KYNG está disponível na secção de downloads, é a versão A128.
Flag_AlgFlag_MorFlag_Tun .A128 السلام عليكم جميعا ، الصيغة الجديدة للكينغ سوفتوير متوفرة في قسم التحميل. انها الصيغة
You can find the new version and new applications in the:
Poderão encontrar a nova versão de firmware e aplicações aqui:

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