Atlas HD-x00 PC Tools

V 1: With this editor you can edit information about some cards that need additional data to work. Like nagrivision, NDS and CryptoWorks cards. The generated file, can be imported to the box using the "restore / Update" menu then "Update Special Cards Bin Data".

V 2: Added Viaccess E0 data support.

  • New in version 4.10
    1. Improvement of the update of the channels, by internet.
    2. Elimination and/or exclusion of circular polarization channels (C Band - Left, Right)
    3. Rectification of the standardization of contiguous transponders.
    4. Improvement the option "Remove duplicate channels".
    5. Double pass on the option of verification and optimisation.
    6. Minor modification of the IDE
    7. Others minor bugs fixed.


  • New in version 4.08
    1. Standardization of contiguous transponders emerged since the recent updates to certain providers ..
    2. Added option to remove (or not) temporary channel called "Test" and/or "Noname SID ..."
    3. Menu/New file: Remove all default transponders. Precisely because the first paragraph.
    4. Option to keep or not manually changing channels names on the receiver.
    5. Option to allow (or disable) sorting favorites lists.
    6. Adding a shortcut to display the 10 favorite lists (keyboard key 0 to 9)
    7. Other advanced options for "Import from file" and "Update from Internet".


  • New in version 4.07
    1. Added management of CAS PowerVu
    2. Remove blockage due to some ad-ware.
    3. Internet Update: Improved by adding a second method.
    4. Other various improvements and arrangements requested by users.


  • New in version 4.06
    1. "Quick Search" Procedure improved.
    2. Added "Delete Duplicate Channels" feature. Repeat the procedure if needed.
    3. Added the possibility to move channels to a different transponder.
    4. Added the possibility to edit the satellite's High Frequency.
    5. And updated languge files.


  • New in version 4.05
    1. Improvements and optimisations in the internet update options.
    2. Added favorites management from the main card of the article.
    3. Added the possibility to print favorite lists from the submenu : Print/Preview/Extras.
    4. Added conversion of favorite lists to diffrenet file formats.
    5. And many many other optimisations and corrections.


  • New in version 4.03
    1. Adding Save as U2C file.   This is an intermediate file to convert KCF files to KCN files for all receivers Cristor/Atlas SD models. Use KACE SD v4.01 to convert U2C files.
    2. Add 2 skins in System menu.


  • New in version 4.02.01
    1. Removing the constraint of selecting a satellite in "Global List" display option.
    2. Supports configuration of the second tuner. (for HD200s)
    3. Improved editing parameters of satellites.


  • New in version 4.02
    1. Added button "Save log"
    2. Added a language file (Romanian)
    3. Fixed bug when updating via internet, for some satellites (transponders frequencies null)
    4. Fixed bug in the optimization, in some systems (access violation)
    5. Improved data optimization.
    6. Improved language files.
    7. and more bugs corrected...


  • New in version 4.01
    1. Added option "Delete empty transponders from a satellite".
    2. Added "Global list" for all satellites (without sort).
    3. Added column "Favoris" (Indicates whether the channel is in a favorites list.)
    4. Added options "Save as XML" and "Save as INI" (Bonus from Kyng Team)
    5. Added "Import only favoris" in s/menu "Import from file"
    6. Added "Optimization" dans Menu/Tools... (Deletes empty or faulty recordings, and channels without audio and video signal, re-indexes the records based on the current position of the active satellites, and removes empty spaces in the database.)
    7. List of favorites dockable now (only one list:  fav1. to fav10)
    8. Moving channel(s) in the global list. (possibly multi-selection)
    9. Saving the global list in a particular sort.
    10. Creating a completely empty list (for advanced users)
    11. Improved language files.
    12. Minor bug fixes.
  • Changes in Version V2.00:
  1. Add Import from a CCcam.cfg file. (Only Clines, NLINES and RLines are converted.)
  2. Add Import from clipboard. (Select one or more lines in a text editor, make Ctrl + C. Return to NetFile Editor and run "Import from Clipboard")
  3. Other minor corrections and new interface.
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