Dongle And Free Server Problems!!!

Flag_Uk_MedFree servers and Dongle system!!!

Hello mates, we are having a lot of troubles to give you a decent access to our free servers and to our servers through dongle software. Believe it or not, it all due to the fact that we are being targeted by "Viaccess & Irdeto".

They hired people to work on our software to see how they can stop all our activities. Due to the old architecture of the Atlas model, they succeeded. And after stopping every server we start on satellites, they now do illegal things, by doing a missive DDOS attack on free servers and even our site. We are aware that a lot of people are suffering from this and for this main reason; I would like here to apologize for all of this. But please keep in mind that we are doing all we can to protect ourselves. We can stop development on Atlas architecture, to focus only on our secured hardware which is the "HD-100", but it is not in our philosophy of doing things. For the free servers, there will be a solution soon enough for all concerned people. As for the dongle, we are still looking for a DVB-S service on a satellite that will fit to the majority. There are people asking, why some brands like GĂ©ant are not targeted as well. The answer is very simple, does anyone in Europe knows about them, the answer is no, but as soon as a brand gets a little fame, it will be targeted. Like what is happening now to SMT. They started with us (I don't know why) and now they are playing with them and all will come after them sooner or later. It is up to you to believe what I am saying, it really doesn't matter, what really matters to us is that you believe that we are working hard to bring you back your free servers and your dongle, and we are really near to finish securing things. Sorry about what is happening and thank you for your patience.